For payments with a Credit/Debit Card just click on purchase when you are inside your preferred account description, choose PayPal if you want to check out with PayPal's credit/debit card option or click on credit/debit card to pay with the card directly on Selly. [1]

Next, you have to enter the email to which you want the code automatically sent after the payment is completed. [2] Continue to PayPal. 

Now you can face one of two types of login. [3][5] If you check out with more than $10, you will get to the login from picture number three. Every value below will forward you to the login from picture number five. If you check out with more than $10, please click on "Pay with a credit or debit card." [3]

Enter your card details into the correct fields and finish the payment. [4]

This is the second type of checkout; here you have to click on "Create an Account" to continue. [5]

This is a PayPal Guest Checkout where you can enter your card details to finish the payment. [6]

When the payment has been completed successfully, the code should be sent automatically after a few seconds/minutes. Please check your email inbox or spam folder. [5]