There are seven reasons why this could happen:

  1. You have entered the wrong email during the checkout.
  2. The email got sent successfully, but it landed in your spam/junk folder.
  3. The servers of the website are slowed down, and the delivery is a little delayed.
  4. During the payment process, a failure occurred while the payment was successfully placed, but the website hasn't detected it.
  5. You got blacklisted because of a PayPal charge-back or misuse of the website.
  6. Your email provider is having issues and it doesn't allow us to send the automated email.
  7. If your payment method is PayPal and they are experiencing problems.

We have implemented an easy fix if something like this happens to you. You can receive the code by entering the Invoice ID: Find my Order

This method only works when your payment was successfull, the status will tell you if that was the case or not.

If the search function doesn't help you, then we would advise everybody to wait for at least 30 minutes. If you still haven't received the auto-email, please contact us by providing the Invoice/Order ID and the email to which the auto-email should have been sent to.

The Invoice/Order ID looks similar to this one: 7455b1d6-2fbe-468f-bbb2-44224ddc5b15