Account requests are handled by our website (

For searching for an account on dokkansearch, just input the data of the account you are looking for and click on search. [1]

Now you can see the results of your search. Here you can manually filter out the accounts that fit best for you by looking at the unit name. If you can't find an account, just click on Search again and you will be able to search with different settings. However, if you have found an account that fits you, then just click on View. [2] 

At the checkout you get an overview of the account you are about to purchase. [3]

After scrolling down, you can now either click on BUY or Search again. Please click on BUY so you can continue with the checkout process. [4]

The next page has been implemented to prevent double sales. Click on BUY once again. [5]

Now, the actually Selly product is displayed. When you have finished reading the top of the description, please scroll down and take a look at the rest. [5]

At this point, it is basically a normally Selly product sale. [6]

If you are willing to pay for this account, please follow one of these instructions: