Sometimes, although very seldom, some codes don't get sent, or a user enters an incorrect email at the checkout. In both situations, you won't receive the purchased account data. If this has happened to you, or you would like to prevent this, then you can create your own Selly account, for managing your purchases right on Selly.

First, please visit Selly's main page ( and click on 'Sign Up'. [1]

On the next page, you have to enter your preferred email address to which you want us to send the code to after each purchase. Also, enter a username and password, and click on 'Sign Up'.  [2]

A confirmation email will get sent to the entered email address. [3] Open the email and click on 'confirm account', this will open a new window in the browser.  

Fill in your data, solve the captcha, and log into your account by clicking on 'Log in'. [4]

Now you can purchase accounts the same way as always. Just make sure that from now on you are always logged into your new Selly account. [5]

The reason for this is that, from now on, you can get an overview of all your past purchases. For this, please click on your username in the upper-right corner, and click on 'Purchases'. [6] 

Here you can find all the products that have been bought with the current account you are logged into. To display the product details, please click on the product ID. [7]

After that, a small window pops up, which shows the ordered code(s) on the bottom. [8]